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Grilled Tandoori-Style Chicken Thighs

September 17, 2012 by andrea | Comments Off on Grilled Tandoori-Style Chicken Thighs | Filed in Chicken, Grilling/BBQ, Indian, Main Dish, Recipes

I love Indian food so I was eager to try this recipe for Tandoori-Style Chicken Thighs. The grilled chicken is tender and flavored with fragrant spices. Let the chicken marinate for several hours (up to 12) for best flavor. Serve with basmati rice and a cucumber salad. Grilled Tandoori-Style Chicken Thighs -recipe from Fine Cooking Magazine   This […]

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Curried Butternut Squash Soup

October 31, 2010 by andrea | 1 Comment | Filed in Indian, Recipes, Soup/Stew, Vegetable, Vegetarian

This recipe for Curried Butternut Squash Soup is a great way to get your yellow veggies and a little spice, too. When it comes to winter squash soup, I prefer the savory types over the ones that are sweetened with apple or pear. And, since I like curry, I knew I’d probably like this Indian-inspired soup. Instead of […]

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Chicken Tikka Masala

March 12, 2010 by andrea | 5 Comments | Filed in Chicken, Indian, Main Dish, Recipes

Since my folks are galavanting around London right now on holiday and enjoying the delicious Indian food that the city has to offer, I thought I’d make my own Indian food in honor of their trip. This recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala, noted as being Britain’s new national dish, is a great way to recreate this British favorite at home. Chunks of […]

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Mulligatawny…good soup for you!

November 18, 2008 by andrea | Comments Off on Mulligatawny…good soup for you! | Filed in Indian, Main Dish, Soup/Stew, Turkey

  One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is the one with the Soup Nazi. In the show, everyone is making a huge deal about how good the Soup Nazi’s soups are. In fact, Elaine’s knees actually buckle after she tastes his mulligatawny, a curry-flavored soup. Even though it had been years since seeing this famous Seinfeld […]

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