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Green Bean Salad with Corn, Cherry Tomatoes & Basil

June 13, 2011 by andrea | 2 Comments | Filed in Recipes, Salad, Side Dish, Vegetable, Vegetarian

  This simple summery salad will be perfect at your next cookout or potluck. The fresh flavors will compliment a variety of foods. For the vinaigrette, I didn’t mess with a mortar and pestle to mash the garlic. Instead, I just smashed the garlic in a garlic press and proceeded with the recipe. Toss the salad with the […]

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Winter Chopped Salad

December 11, 2010 by andrea | 1 Comment | Filed in Chicken, Christmas, Holidays, Recipes, Salad, Vegetable

Here’s a great salad that is perfect for the holidays and winter months: mixed greens tossed with chicken, candied pecans, dried cranberries, crisp apple, tangy blue cheese and a honey-dijon vinaigrette. It’s beautiful, festive and delicious! For the greens, I used a bag of mixed baby spring greens that included romaine, oak leaf, chard, arugula, frisee […]

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Southwestern Vinaigrette

August 19, 2010 by andrea | 3 Comments | Filed in Condiment, Mexican, Recipes, Salad, Sauce

Years ago, I had a great salad at a friend’s house. What made the salad great wasn’t the salad ingredients but the unusual dressing. I say unusual not meaning weird but more like unexpected because I’d never tasted a dressing like it before. Basically, it’s a Mexi-inspired vinaigrette. The dressing gets bold flavor from the chili powder, […]

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Steak Salad

December 10, 2008 by andrea | Comments Off on Steak Salad | Filed in Beef, Main Dish, Quick Cooking, Recipes, Salad

Husband will eat salad but it’s never something he gets too jazzed about. He likes veggies, he knows they’re good for him, but I’ve never known him to crave a salad (or at least he’s never admitted to it). He was quite intrigued, however, when I told him one night that we’re were having Steak Salad for dinner […]

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