My New Tea Kettle

October 31, 2008 | By andrea | Filed in: Cookware & Cooking Gadgets.

One of my recent kitchen purchases was a new tea kettle. I loved my old kettle, a stainless steel model made by Kitchenaid that I received as a wedding present ten years ago. Husband & I used it daily and I frequently thought about what a good and functional gift it was. Then one day not too long ago, Husband decided to try his hand at multi-tasking (I shudder at the thought). Apparently he put water on to boil then got busy doing something in the garage. Unfortunately, he didn’t hear the annoying whistle of the kettle since he wasn’t in the house. At some point Husband came back into the house to find the kettle dry. I was out at the time but came home to find my nice stainless steel kettle looking blackish and not so attractive anymore. Well, accidents happen so I didn’t dwell on it.

I did, however, jump into action and start my research on a new tea kettle since the old kettle was beyond restoration. Husband put in his two cents about his wish for a kettle that had a nice “train whistle” sound instead of the high-pitched break-your-eardrums screech of most kettles (he had seen the “train whistle” kind before and liked it). I did a quick search for “train whistle” tea kettles online and found that Chantal makes a line of kettles with a two-tone Hohner® harmonica whistle. Before long I had my very own Chantal kettle sitting on my stove.  I couldn’t wait to try it out to see what this “train whistle” business was all about. Basically, when the water gets hot enough in the kettle, the whistle does its thing and it actually sounds like someone playing the harmonica. Now I’m not talking about a rockin’ blues harmonica solo. It’s simply one pleasant note, then a few moments later the second note chimes in. I quite like my spanky new kettle and how it melodically calls to me to fetch it from the stove. Good call, Husband, on the “train whistle”.

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One comment on “My New Tea Kettle

  1. Carey Dienhart says:

    Cool writing Andrea! I’ve been wanting a tea kettle forever…heating the tea water in the micro just doesn’t cut the mustard. This ritual is calling my name! Keep up the good work!