A great garlic press

July 30, 2010 | By andrea | Filed in: Cookware & Cooking Gadgets, Entertaining Tip, Handy Hints.

Several years ago, I thought I lost my garlic press. Always looking for a reason to buy more kitchen stuff, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase a new garlic-smashing implement. The kitchen store I went to did not disappoint…they had numerous models to choose from. The one that caught my eye was a shiny stainless steel Rosle Garlic Press. I picked it up, and opened it/closed it numerous times to simulate the actual garlic-pressing process. I turned it over and over, admiring it’s sleek handles and how comfortable it felt in my smallish hands. I was hooked. The only bummer was it’s price. At a little less than $40, this beauty was the most expensive of the bunch. But what the heck, I reasoned. I cook A LOT and am always using a garlic press…I bought it.

Shortly after buying the Rosle Garlic Press (not having used it yet), I found my old press…a clunkier, not-as-pretty model from a different company. I decided it was time to have a garlic press-off and pit the two models against each other: the stainless steel beauty (Rosle) vs. my older garlic press. I started with my old press, which does a pretty good job of squishing the garlic through the little holes but is always a chore to clean. Next up, the Rosle. Because of it’s design, smashing garlic is easier than any garlic press I’ve ever used! And cleaning…well, it’s a breeze. The press unhinges so removal of the squished clove is a cinch. The Rosle Garlic Press was the winner!!! Both garlic presses reside in the same gadget drawer, but the Rosle is the one I always grab.

Yes, the Rosle Garlic Press is a bit of a splurge but you’ll love it if you cook a lot. It’s definitely worth the price!!! Plus, it’s sturdy and dishwasher safe so you should get many good years of garlic pressing out it (it has a lifetime warranty against defects).

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3 comments on “A great garlic press

  1. Ron Ares says:

    What is your opinion about crushed vs. chopped garlic? I’ve read where some chefs believe it’s an abomination to crush garlic.

  2. andrea says:

    Yes, I’ve read the same thing about some chefs and their disapproval of crushing garlic. For most home cooks, though, it’s not an issue. I use both methods (crushing & chopping) depending on what I’m using the garlic for and how quickly I want it done. A garlic press is faster but gives you smashed garlic as opposed to finely chopped pieces. NOTE: Jarred crushed garlic is a travesty…DO NOT BUY IT…EVER!

  3. sanjeeta kk says:

    Lovely to be here, came from Blogging women. Good space and great recipes to try. Hope to get connected and come for more. Best wishes.