Lake Grove Zupan’s Grand Opening!

April 18, 2012 | By andrea | Filed in: Fresh Produce, Handy Hints, Life in Oregon, Local Goodness, Morsels & Musings, Recipes.

Today was the grand opening of the Lake Grove Zupan’s Market, a locally-owned store that caters to food lovers. What’s the big whoop, you ask? Well, several years ago my beloved Wizer’s Market (the store that occupied the same location) closed it’s doors. I had been shopping at the quaint gourmet market for nearly 20 years, so it was a sad day when I found out that they weren’t renewing their lease. Once closed, the space stayed vacant for a little over a year until last year when demolition/construction on the new Zupan’s started. I’ve been anxiously awaiting today’s grand opening so I invited a friend to join me for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The new store is stunning! Beautiful floral arrangements greet you as you approach the store (kudos to the floral department). Once inside, I made a beeline to the produce department where top-quality fruits and veggies are artfully displayed. I was a little nervous to remove one of the cauliflowers for fear of starting a veggie avalanche (thankfully that didn’t happen).

Zupan’s features lots of local products and gourmet ingredients, as well as national brands and basic items. Although I won’t be doing all my shopping there, it will be my first stop for specialized ingredients and local products — just like Wizer’s was.

One thing I’ll be returning for soon is the Harris Ranch Beef Tomahawk Rib Steak for Husband. Basically, it’s a ginormous rib-eye with the bone exposed (frenched). I guarantee Husband will light up like a Christmas tree when he sees it…just like I did when I first walked into the new Zupan’s store!

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