About Me

I love to cook…period. Actually, it’s more than that. I have a passion for blessing family and friends with good, homemade, soul-satisfying food. Whether I’m entertaining friends, preparing a simple dinner for my family, baking a birthday cake for a loved one, or making a meal for a family in need…I love it all! I’ve been surrounded by good food my whole life. My mom and aunts are good cooks and so I inherited not only the appreciation for a good, home-cooked meal but the desire to be the one in the kitchen doing the cooking.

I started cooking as a teenager but it wasn’t until I chose the life of a stay-at-home mom that cooking became my main creative outlet. Living in the metro area of Portland, Oregon provides me with an endless bounty of seasonal produce and fabulous foodie finds throughout the year.

In recent years I’ve talked to many people (mostly busy moms or inexperienced cooks) who are either overwhelmed by their lack of experience in the kitchen or already know how to cook but are in a recipe rut (they make the same things over and over again). Whether you’re new to cooking or just need some new ideas, my hope is that you will leave this site inspired to get in the kitchen and cook! Yes, it takes a little planning on your part (meal planning, grocery shopping, prep, clean up, etc.) but I guarantee it’s worth it! Plus, it can be healthier and cheaper than eating prepared foods.

Most of the recipes posted on this site are from respected cooking sources (popular cooking magazines, cookbooks and websites) and they will be properly noted as such. And, since I’ve tried all recipes, I’ll offer my two cents when necessary. All food photographs have been taken by me. Sometimes I’m in a hurry to serve the dish I’ve just created to my hungry family, so certain photos may not be the best. Hopefully, though, the images will entice you to try out the recipes.

We all have different tastes so just because I like certain ingredients doesn’t mean you’re going to like them, too. I encourage you to experiment with cooking and have fun with it. Get adventurous. Get creative. It’s like anything else: the more you practice, the better you’ll be. The point is: Get in the kitchen and cook!

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