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Grilled Tandoori-Style Chicken Thighs

September 17, 2012 | By andrea | Comments Off on Grilled Tandoori-Style Chicken Thighs | Filed in: Chicken, Grilling/BBQ, Indian, Main Dish, Recipes.

I love Indian food so I was eager to try this recipe for Tandoori-Style Chicken Thighs. The grilled chicken is tender and flavored with fragrant spices. Let the chicken marinate for several hours (up to 12) for best flavor. Serve with basmati rice and a cucumber salad. Grilled Tandoori-Style Chicken Thighs -recipe from Fine Cooking Magazine   This • Read More »

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Curried Butternut Squash Soup

October 31, 2010 | By andrea | 1 Comment | Filed in: Indian, Recipes, Soup/Stew, Vegetable, Vegetarian.

This recipe for Curried Butternut Squash Soup is a great way to get your yellow veggies and a little spice, too. When it comes to winter squash soup, I prefer the savory types over the ones that are sweetened with apple or pear. And, since I like curry, I knew I’d probably like this Indian-inspired soup. Instead of • Read More »

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Curried Stuffed Eggs

March 30, 2010 | By andrea | 2 Comments | Filed in: Appetizer, Eggs, Recipes, Snack.

I love deviled eggs and I love curry, so it pretty much was a given that I would love the two combined. This recipe is a fun twist on a classic! Major Grey’s chutney is a type of chutney, not a brand. If you don’t have it (or can’t find it), the eggs will still • Read More »

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Senegalese Peanut Soup with Chicken

February 26, 2010 | By andrea | Comments Off on Senegalese Peanut Soup with Chicken | Filed in: Chicken, Main Dish, Middle Eastern, Recipes, Soup/Stew.

If you’re looking for a flavorful, exotically-spiced soup then you’ve got to try this recipe! I love the rich combination of curry, coconut milk, peanut butter and sweet potatoes! I made it for the first time a few years ago for Husband and some of his work buddies. The soup received raves from Husband and his • Read More »

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Chicken Curry Soup with Coconut and Lime

December 29, 2009 | By andrea | Comments Off on Chicken Curry Soup with Coconut and Lime | Filed in: Asian, Chicken, Main Dish, Quick Cooking, Recipes, Soup/Stew.

  Here’s a quick curry-flavored soup that is delicious and easy to make. You can even change up the flavors each time you make it by using different curries. I used curry powder this time (doubling the amount called for); next time I’ll try red, green or yellow Thai curry paste. Although the soup would be • Read More »

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Spinach Almond Salad with Chicken

June 10, 2009 | By andrea | 1 Comment | Filed in: Chicken, Recipes, Salad.

This is a delicious salad: tender chunks of chicken, crisp apple and fresh spinach tossed with a tangy-sweet curry and mango chutney dressing . Yumm! I didn’t bother stemming the spinach or tearing it into pieces because I thought it was fine as is. I omitted the golden raisins and substituted chopped celery for added crunch (1 • Read More »

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Curried Chicken Salad Sandwiches

April 10, 2009 | By andrea | 3 Comments | Filed in: Chicken, Salad.

Curried chicken salad is simple to make and packs a ton of flavor in every bite. This recipe calls for “commercial chutney” which is pretty vague. I always use a Major Grey’s chutney, a  type of mango chutney (not a brand) that is slightly sweet and spicy. You should be able to find it at most major grocery stores.  Trader • Read More »

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Thai-Style Chicken and Rice Soup

February 18, 2009 | By andrea | 2 Comments | Filed in: Asian, Chicken, Main Dish, Quick Cooking, Recipes, Soup/Stew.

  I seriously could eat Thai food everyday and be completely happy, and that’s saying a lot because I love variety. Thai soup is actually comfort food for me. When I’m getting a scratchy throat, I send Husband to the local Thai restaurant for some take-out soup. There’s something about the spicy broth that does • Read More »

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Mulligatawny…good soup for you!

November 18, 2008 | By andrea | Comments Off on Mulligatawny…good soup for you! | Filed in: Indian, Main Dish, Soup/Stew, Turkey.

  One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is the one with the Soup Nazi. In the show, everyone is making a huge deal about how good the Soup Nazi’s soups are. In fact, Elaine’s knees actually buckle after she tastes his mulligatawny, a curry-flavored soup. Even though it had been years since seeing this famous Seinfeld • Read More »

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